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Helping breast cancer patients access quality online information


Target Market
The Goal
To enable surgeons and physicians to better support their breast cancer patients, Roche aims to communicate the key information about a patient’s journey in combating the disease in the form of a microsite.
The Approach
The aim of our digital content creation of the microsite was to make the message of Roche resonate with its highly specific audience. We understand that cancer can be an intimidating and sensitive topic, so our design UI approach is to make it as pleasant and accessible as possible by using empowering imagery as well as as graphical representation of breast cancer. Part of our digital content creation is a short, informative HTML5 video, which, based on our research, is a key asset for consuming content for the audiences. It is then followed by page sections that can be navigated by exploring each breast cancer stage. These are accompanied by interactive diagrams for users to explore with ease.
The final product comes in the form of the microsite and a Progressive Web App (PWA). For the web development, we opted for a PWA, which allows patients to access the website like a mobile application, without having to promote the download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Because the PWA is available on the phone like a native app, and works offline as well, patients can read up on HER2+ breast cancer at their convenience.

Cancer, a rather sensitive topic, is presented in a PWA format with a design that makes the information easy to navigate and less intimidating for patients.