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Website design and development for a leading genomic service solution provider


Target Market
The Goal

Novogene is a leading genomic service solution provider based in China and appeals to an international audience. As its current website was built on an older infrastructure which lacks an international appeal, our goal was to revamp the website, restructure the information architecture, improvise the design UI and UX, build the website on a CMS platform that supports multi-language workflow and is easy to use and manage.
The overall web design was to emphasise the unique values and benefits of working with Novogene instead of merely featuring their product offerings. In terms of information architecture restructure, we worked with a streamlined version that organises information systematically so that each targeted persona can easily sift through the heavy product content on the website, distinguished by using Novogene’s brand colours to differentiate clinical and technical services offered. Variations of the brand colours were also used to a more subdued tone so that the images and content would be highlighted. Lastly, content, in turn, has been placed in a more dynamic grid to break the monotony.
The Approach
Leveraging on WordPress Multisite function to build a multilingual website integrated with Eloqua CRM, the CMS used is highly-customised WordPress web development, which maintains security by various activities such as disabling XML RPC, disabling PHP execution under certain directories, permission changes, adding application level firewall, etc. To ensure that the website is highly SEO optimised, CSS/JS/HTML minification and various other best practices were set in place. Additionally, infrastructure setup was in a way such that the website is perfectly functional within and outside of China, with the same loading speed.

Novogene’s multilingual website was built on highly-customised WordPress infrastructure setup that is globally functional with optimal performance.