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I am Erina, an intern at Strategic DigitaLab. While interning here at one of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore, I got the opportunity to be exposed to everything digital with the agency’s teams. Here, there is the Account Management team, which handles client servicing and management, marketing strategy and business development; the Digital Marketing team, which handles the digital media strategy, media planning and buying, analytics, ad operations, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), and reporting; the Tech team, which manages and executes technology projects and developments; and the Creative Team, which handles the creative and content for various media and social, as well as quality assurance. As I saw these teams in action, I couldn’t help but imagine them as characters from a card battle game.

In my head, each of the digital marketing agency team members is represented by a character card with their own special abilities. Here’s a glimpse of how I see the team, card game-style.

Flash cards featuring digital marketing agency teams

Like any good card game, there are special combos that a player — in this case, our clients — can draw to create special attacks. 


The Search Combo

Mark Mayank Pola

The Search Combo is made up of Senior Digital Marketing Specialist Mark Sorne; Content Editor Pola del Monte; and Creative Tech Lead Mayank Kushwaha. Together, they can create special search moves such as SEO, which allows players to be more visible on search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo — you name it. Mark flexes his skills in effective SEO strategies, keyword strategy, analytics, and off-page SEO link building; Pola optimises the copy; and Mayank takes care of  the platforms in which these will be implemented. This move needs a combination of technical know-how and creativity which this combo definitely has. This combo will help players drive traffic and rise up in rankings.


The Content Combo

Lelai Pola

Next, we have the Content Combo, composed of Art Director Lelai Mangasang and again, Pola. Once this combo is played, this creative and sassy duo will immerse in audience insights to pinpoint the content , creative, or media that the target market resonates with. Amongst the noise in the digital marketplace, their content will amplify a player’s voice to stand out amongst rivals. This power can come to life in various projects; thought leadership pieces, and awareness content, lead generation creatives, as well as branding and social media content.


The Tech Combo

Strategic Digital Lab - Tech Combo

There is also the Tech Combo where Mayank, Lelai, and Account Manager Vanessa Leow combine their forces. Possible moves they can use when together are UI, UX, coding, wireframes and architecture, to name a few. This Tech combo will help players get a clear visualisation and blueprint to represent the possible tech developments. They delve into the art of content strategy and implementation  so that players know that users of the tech will have a seamless user experience. 


The Creative Combo

Mayank Lelai Vanessa

A combination that also makes use of tech innovation is the Creative combo. Made up of a combination of Mayank, Pola and Lelai, the combo utilises their individual expertise to conceptualise, design, build, and maintain web and mobile apps that also align with the player’s objectives. Through creative brainstorming, this combo provides the latest and most relevant technologies and practices. For example, this can take the form of UI/UX, content development or information architecture for mobile apps and/or web development. 


The Strategic and Digital Marketing Combo

Strategic Digital Lab - Digital Marketing Combo

Then, there is the Strategic and Digital Marketing combo, composed of Account Director Suhanisza Sudirman, Vanessa, Mark, and Media Executive Brenda Chia. When combined, there is a strong media expertise, project management, and strategy put into play. This combo will provide client servicing, strategic planning, digital media, and campaign optimisation. 

The Sure-Win Combo

Strategic Digital Lab - Straight Royal

Lastly, the sure-win combo. This is the combination where everyone’s special abilities are honed and combined into one massive Integrated Marketing power move. I call it the Straight Royal. Led by General Manager Pauline Yoong, the guiding force that orchestrates the entire digital marketing agency, this team combo is sparked by creativity, powered by technology, and driven by results. Together, they plan and execute digital marketing strategies that follow players’ goals. Creating experiences, creative concepts — the whole shebang. They amplify brands to where their target audience are, converting with data analytics, driving results, and optimising performance.

All in all, I am thankful I was able to be a small part of this very welcoming company. Although under name I was an Account Assistant (Intern) here, I was also encouraged to speak my mind and be kay-poh about everything, to try different tasks here and there. In the end, I got to help out with digital campaign reports, market research, QA, creatives, attend brainstorming sessions, and many more. This has allowed me to have both first-hand experience with helping each team out, and getting an inside look into what goes into a full-service digital marketing agency in Singapore. 

I’ve been here for a few months now, and my time with SDL will soon be coming to an end *cues emo music*. As I reflect on my time spent here, I can’t help but think about the different colleagues whom I got to work with who come from all different walks of life. Soon, I am stepping out of this office with knowledge and tips from these people who have guided me in my ongoing journey of growth and discovery (thanks guys).  


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